Ye Lai Xiang

This is the version of Ye Lai Xiang (Night Fragrance) as I remember my late paternal grandmother would listen over an old cassette tape or the old phonograph.  It's a pretty nice old song which was later popularized by the late Teresa Teng but compared to that of Teresa Teng's, I really prefer Li Xiang Lan's music way better.  

Now below is an English translation:

That blowing southern wind brings cool and refreshing air.
That nightingale crying sound is very sad.
Under the moon, all flowers are sleeping.
Except, evening flower
is revealing fragrant.
I also love nightingale sings.
Moreover, I love dream that smells like flower.
I hug the evening flower.
I kiss the evening flower.
I sing for you.
Evening flower.
I think for you.
I think for you.
Evening flower.Evening flower.

I love this kind of night.
Evening flower.
aaa … I sing for you.
Repeat *
Evening flower.


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