It's Pretty Important for Me to Chill Out...

As a person who has some insanity issues going on, I just thought it's pretty important to chill out.  The reason can be really this...

I am very prone to really getting angry, itching for a fight and wanting to get rid of people who annoy me as much as possible.  Sad but true I really sometimes "got to kill something" feeling is within me.  In fact, I've overreacted to a lot of stuff like annoying people (like Kris Aquno, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Vivian Hsu to name a few), delays, hindrances, etc. which make me go like this...

I think these can help me in chilling out...

Listening to soothing music while breathing in fresh air.  It really should be a habit.  Trying it, I've managed to reduce some of my Galvatronic issues.  This is one way to play the ignore game because people just LOVE to make fun of people when they're angry but oh boy, one way or another one of these days what they do will just backfire at them.  What goes around, comes around you know.

Some mint tea could help.  It does cool the body system and the mind, sending a refreshing aura cooling it down especially when I'm about to inflict violence when I'm very angry aside from playing the ignore game with jerks in life.

Classical, sweet music can be very good.  Some people find it weird I like music without words but heck, little do they realize the value of it!

Watching something funny over something not funny.  Well I would say I tend to like lighter and softer stuff these days though I do like some darker and edgier stuff.  But something that's overly weepy is something best avoided.  That's why I still watch Spongebob Squarepants and right now, I even hate that fic Spongebob 2019 more than ever thanks to some realization I had to face about that horrid fic!


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