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What Made Pre-Cosmetic Pamela Anderson's Physical Beauty So Special?

Here's a pretty iffy post, hee hee hee. But at the same time a lamentation of why so many people distorted themselves. =(

You've got to admit before her surgeries, she had that childlike innocence with her pretty face compared to the pretty face that looks mean and scary. It made me think she really had the meek features before her awful disfigurement.

She really had that killer smile she lost thanks to awful surgeries.

If you ahve watched Baywatch, she really was stunning without those unnecessary implants, etc. She was really naturally sexy. Notice how hot she is compared to her current pictures that makes her look horrible.

The History of Krabs Entertainment

Here's the history of Mr. Eugene Krabs and Power Rangers.  Mr. Krabs is the owner of Krabs Entertainment... a network that has been adapting Japanese shows for American audiences that can't make it into the U.S. due to the sissy ass TV-Y7-FV ratings system.  Like him or not, love him or hate him- Mr. Krabs has a history with Toei Ltd. and children's broadcasting.  He's also notoriously known into slipping into outrage every time Toei asks for the royalties he has to pay for every episode of Tokusatsu he adapts and usually messes up because he's cheap.  In the end, Toei gets the money from him anyway.

So he adapted Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger for the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which had sadly ended up becoming Mighty Moronic Flower Rangers when it overextended thanks to how cheap he can really get.  Not willing to lose his cash flow due to royalties he had to pay from Toei, so what he did was really not giving much credit to the writers of Toei w…

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for the PS3

Well I guess it's time for me to review Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition komprehensively now I'll be writing everything Kombat-style in this review.  So this is the PS3 version, komplete edition to which you can already play with Freddie Kruger, Skarlet, Kenshin, Rain and Cyber Sub-Zero from the start (while the Story Mode still erroneously says you unlocked Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi when you achieved something. =P  So I'd like to give my komprehensive review.


The story is after Armageddon and it is an alternate dimension or perhaps a cycle of rebirth.  So everybody died in Armageddon, Raiden seeks to strike Shao Kahn at the past or is it?  It's more like a cycle of reincarnation later, the MK timeline was reborn and things re-occur differently.  Much has changed like for example, some characters who were supposed to be in MK2-3 were in the MK1 part, Sub-Zero becomes a cyborg instead of Smoke in his next life, Kung Lao got to fight Kintaro in the place of Liu Ka…

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition vs. Tekken 6: Earlier Thoughts

Well I just started playing both games after getting a discounted PS3 for the family.  Well not that I got rid of my PS2, I still want to play other games but... I thought I'd play MK Komplete Edition and Tekken 6. So here's a friendly comparison of these games.

MK Komplete Edition

So this takes place after Mortal Kombat Armageddon where basically everything was ended at the Buddhist version of Armageddon.  The Chinese pantheon was defeated, Raiden the god of thunder is defeated by Shao Kahn on top of the pyramid after Taven ascends to join the other gods.  So after Shao Kahn kills Raiden, something happens when he says, "He must win."  So maybe Shao Kahn was defeated by the Elder Gods after this and the whole MK timeline gets reincarnated.  So maybe eons or what in the cycle of rebirth and karma, but some wicked foes are still wicked.  In here, Raiden seeking not to let another Armageddon happen gets visions from his previous life that was corrupted by a suicide rit…

Amy Chua-Rubenfeld's Book "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother"

Well I have recently finished a book entitled "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother" and in fact it was a mixed family. So she did try to repeat the mistakes of the Tiger Mom parenting because it felt like it would always work but it resulted to her being humbled by a thirteen year old. Pretty much, it's a mistake that traditional Chinese parenting makes especially when it came to Lulu Chua Rubenfeld, her second daughter who had grown to rebel despite not being pampered because of the sowing of the opposite extreme. It made me think really, we really have the problem of Tiger Moms and Tigger Moms rather than trying to achieve a balance. Just made me think that every chapter of the book is a compelling story of how some Chinese parents can be too extremely strict while Western parents can be extremely lenient- either way it is not good. Please note that the book credits her as Amy Chua.

Now for some insights of Amy Chua-Rubenfeld herself:

Here's Amy Chua-Rubenfeld and her h…

The Guilty Pleasure of Doughnuts

It just came into my head one of the most fattening foods ever are doughnuts.  Though the body needs fat, doughnuts are very high in fat because of the reason they are deep fried.  Made me think as much as I like doughnuts, I do have to discipline myself from eating them except during special occasions or gatherings then it's time to hit a hard walk or the gym to burn all those calories.  Yup as much as I love them especially from Krispy Kreme, sigh they are so fattening.  But again, there are always delicious foods that are healthy too like fresh fruits and vegetables.  For them, I'll have to use them sparingly like when I need some extra fat for the cold or for special occasions while avoiding them during regular days.

Oolala... Laure Marsac!

I just had a thought that this is definitely one of those rarer younger Laure Marsac photos that made her look really special.  Hmmm I guess this was why she was selected to act as the victim in Interview with the Vampire.

How the Daughter-in-Law Can Piss Off the Typical Chinese Monster-in-Law

It does get very burdensome for some people to be in the traditional setting of having that naggy, angry, badmouthing, bossy, ultra-perfectionist bitch of a mother-in-law.  Yup, it's a very scary fact.  So I guess here's a few facts that I could really think about... hypothetically.  Hee hee.  So just a few facts I thought about... hopefully this can work for both Chinese daughters-in-law and the non-Chinese daughters-in-law facing the horrible Chinese mother-in-law.

Serve up some food fiasco to her when she visits.  She's always nagging right?  Well when she nags about your purposely bad cooking, remind her of how horrible she is as well then stuff her mouth with more.

If she wants to visit the house, remember the closet is the place she sleeps!

Ciara Hanna: Beauty by Nature

Well here's another of her Statigram pictures, she's really pretty. =)

A List of My Favorite Delusions

Maybe in an effort to "cure myself" I think I'll write a few of my delusions in no particular order... here they are:

I delude myself to be in a Tokusatsu world or any fictitious world.  As a kid, I deluded myself I was Kotaro Minami despite the fact I wasn't adopted, nope he was just part of my childhood.  Sometimes I delude myself to be either Red Mask or Red Hawk as well.  Oh boy I feel like Nobuo in Akibaranger- I'm an adult who's into Tokusatsu.  To be honest, sometimes I dream of Fangires, Mirror World monsters, Gorgom, etc.

Dreaming of myself as the head of an evil organization with me as the big bad having incredible superpowers and me fighting against a group of superheroes while I pursue selfish desires.  Sort of my "other half"... not really.  This sadly can make me act like Galvatron in the G1 cartoon.

It's all about some attractive actresses and me dreaming of them.  In fact, I just thought about it that I consider this to be a very…

Hee hee hee... so Spongebob Watched Jetman?

Hee hee hee... so Spognebob watched Choujin Sentai Jetman and cried for only 20 days?  Hmmm... I guess he was a big fan of Gai Yuki and can't accept the fact he got mugged just like that?  20 days?  Hmmm talk about the 20 years debate of whether or not he's dead. =P  Or maybe he cried to due how nice the show was for him?  Who knows.

Delusion as Comedy in Writing

While checking out Akibaranger, I just figured out of how to use delusion as comedy.  Now just for a few stuff of my examples from delusion:

My first example might be what if it's an ugly person that has the inner ugliness you expect from pretty people.  This delusion can get pretty funny especially let's just say he's unusually ugly but he thinks he looks so handsome, he thinks no girl can resist him, he thinks physical beauty is important even if he has none of it and he's so much of a braggart he thinks that the girl he likes who rejects him likes him (stupid).  Maybe, this delusion can go worse if while he thinks he's so physically attractive when he starts comparing women he's attracted to like apples to oranges - which can go as funny as to compare a mentally ill woman who's fat, dark and ugly to somebody who is really pretty. =P  This falls under my favorite ugliness as comedy.  He's so ugly but he think she looks like Dingdong Dantes to the poin…

Some Problems I Believe Happened Due to Saban's Cheapskate Practices

I just thought that Power Rangers seems to be a franchise that really suffers from a lot due to how cheapskate Saban can get.  Maybe I can list some of them that could have been triggered due to Mr. Krabs ahem Saban being cheap:

The controversial MMPR Season Two departure.  Hmmm made me think that MMPR's overextension was bad enough.  Then again, there was the "pay dispute".  We do not know a bit why Austin St. John returned.  But it seemed Walter Emmanuel Jones and Thuy Trang left out of pay issues.  I don't want to think Saban was ever in a financial nadir during that time compared to Japan Action Club so there was a much better reason why Thuy Trang left compared to Yuki Yajima for Bioman.  She may have been asked to work without a raise, she had enough and quit.

In between the hideousness that was Saban's Mashed Rider and VR Trippers.  Obviously they were a result of poor copy/paste and not really investing much money to make it any better.  Really hasn'…

Haim Saban Should Give MORE Credit to Super Sentai Writers

I don't want to say this but Haim Saban's being well-liked even if he's a cheapskate like that guy in the photo making me think whether or not Mr. Krabs is really based on him since people love Mr. Krabs (except Squidward) for his delicious Krabby Patties just as children love their Power Rangers.  Moving on, while Power Rangers Samurai was painful to watch but I could respect it for but at least Jonathan Tzachor credited Yasuko Kobayashi.  I've noticed some Power Rangers seasons are crediting the show they are based on like Wild Force credits Gaoranger but still, Saban should credit the writers who took the time to write the shows so maybe that's why Judd Lynn left Saban.  Why?  Because without them, Toei won't have anything to lend to him to franchise.  Hmmm... quite cheap isn't it?  I wonder if Mr. Krabs ahem Mr. Saban is just in for the money.  Shinichiro Shirakura who's currently a producer at Toei for mostly Japan (who knows he might have been pa…

Some Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures I Found as of May 14, 2013

The joys to feel young again... hee hee hee...

So Mr. Krabs is Budgeting Power Rangers Megaforce?

I had my thoughts while reading through Orends Range on Megaforce.  Okay I'm not here to bash Power Rangers but it seems to be that Mr. Krabs is running the show.  Why?  Saban Brands apparently isn't paying much in their bid to request Power Rangers seniors to appear.  I mean if they want to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers DO IT WITH A BANG.  Kind of made me think that while Patrick Star wrote two horrible movies for Toei (namely the Super Hero Taisen movies, second movie is MUCH worse than the first), now Mr. Krabs is actually the one budgeting Saban Brands?  Hmmm... and in fact really Megaforce suffers from Mega Cheapness.  So really, while I won't write hate fics against Power Rangers but really, a real deal like that getting marred up by cheapness is really Mega Bad.

Rare Pamela Anderson Pictures I Found as of May 11, 2013

More of those really rare Pamela Anderson pictures, a reminder to everyone never to mess with their natural appearance.  This is what has been lost...

Oolala... Pamela Anderson Screenshots from Baywatch

Really made me think why people just can't accept how they look... it's a waste of this beuaty she spent on unnecessary surgeries witht he intention "enhance" herself... really a waste.  But enjoy!

A Rare Pamela Anderson Picture I Found as of May 10, 2013

Here's another rare beauty photo... really hot!  Too bad it all melted away to surgeries.

Redefining Breaking Beauty?

Here's another classic pre-surgery Pamela Anderson blast in the past, really why did she break that beauty when she had that breaking beauty?  Speaking of which, when my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson becomes a lawyer, she's gonna be a breaking beauty lawyer!