How the Daughter-in-Law Can Piss Off the Typical Chinese Monster-in-Law

It does get very burdensome for some people to be in the traditional setting of having that naggy, angry, badmouthing, bossy, ultra-perfectionist bitch of a mother-in-law.  Yup, it's a very scary fact.  So I guess here's a few facts that I could really think about... hypothetically.  Hee hee.  So just a few facts I thought about... hopefully this can work for both Chinese daughters-in-law and the non-Chinese daughters-in-law facing the horrible Chinese mother-in-law.

Serve up some food fiasco to her when she visits.  She's always nagging right?  Well when she nags about your purposely bad cooking, remind her of how horrible she is as well then stuff her mouth with more.

If she wants to visit the house, remember the closet is the place she sleeps!


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