Rin Takanashi vs. Ciara Hanna- A Really Hard to Handle Hotness Battle

Who's hotter?  You decide.  Just a thought on these mind blowing pictures... that will set you on fire before you can vote.  Hee hee I bet you'll blow your mind off.  Here's Rin Takanashi and Ciara Hanna.

So it was a normal day at Starbucks and just a thought they're both really hot.  Hee hee hee.

Next, you might find yourself unable to choose whose cup to share with... they both look so pretty.

You might want to consider their smiles are really intoxicating.  But Rin Takanashi seems to display the kind of charm Amy Jo Johnson has and not the other.

Yup by nature, they're both hot beauties.

They're both ridiculously hot.

 They're both really alluring figures. =P  Oh boy I really can't choose.  For one, Rin reminds me of my crush on Amy Jo Johnson as a child and while Ciara Hanna's a whole new beauty.  Now my mind blows up!  Blam!  I'm done for... not really.  Ha ha.

So vote before your head blows off... LOL.


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