Dialed the Wrong Number on Emma Roberts?

While I can "lament" she's in the list of "drooling over a girl I'll never have" syndrome, but that alleged attack on her boyfriend was really not proven or was probably a dial the wrong number.  Just made me think did they really fight?  Hmmmm... and later she was released eventually. But with the reports of the bruises, hmmm maybe she has a lot of thorns after all. =P  Only if the real story can be clarified.  But the fact she had bruises, looks like she may have been acting in self-defense or what... just a thought.  Or not, but it seems she can be very difficult and demanding.  I've already read of her report of her breaking up with Alex Pettyfer and Chord Overstreet because she was very demanding.  Hmmm... fortunately I'm only looking for a lookalike.


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