Mandarin Education... How We Might Improve It!

With the rising need for Mandarin education, to be honest it can be very frustrating to have Mandarin education with only memorizing phrases without understanding them, really or that fill in the blanks isn't helping.  For me, this might be the best way considering this could be the only way...

The first step is to really make it easy.  Note that most Chinese students might not be Chinese or even if they are ethnically Chinese but being descendants of migrants, it can be a problem.  I mean, Vanness Wu for instance because of him being American by citizenship had to start all over.  Also in the Philippines, Filipinos can be very dumbfounded with Chinese since it's a very different language.  If Chinese can be dumbfounded by English, the same can happen to other people when it comes to Chinese.  So the fact is ENOUGH of the useless memorizations in Chinese!

It's VERY important to STOP with the Chinese alphabet and MOVE towards the direct use of the Phoentic alphabet like it is above.  Many of the students may even be very ignorant as in point zero.  Yup get them something they can easily relate to.  Then we can start with...

Then it's best to focus on conversation rather than stupid memorization of long sentences.  Start with basic speech to speech to make it better.  That makes learning Mandarin more sensible.


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