My Tendency to Get Stuck Into the Past and the Present...

Well I remembered some words my ex-girlfriend to who I am still friends with used to tell me that I was pretty much stuck in the past whenever she got bored of listening to me about my first crush before I had my short relationship with her. How can I say that?  Well here's what I was encountering...

Perhaps my greatest stuck in the past was between me and my best friend turned worst enemy.  Really, it's been more than a decade since I started to dislike him to hating him because of a love triangle.  So maybe that wasn't just it but also because he was very, very arrogant and worse he targets rich girls.  Then again, I could not say I truly loved my first crush because I figured out I loved her for the money.  It wasn't like my ex-girlfriend I had real feelings for her but me and her were just not compatible for marriage.  To be honest while he is now engaged to a Korean girl, I hallucinate he's engaged to my fist crush which is a lethal delusion.

There is just the side of me that tends to act like Scorpion- seeking revenge and getting manipulated by darker forces who take advantage of my desire for revenge.  That is, there is just the part of me that wants to perform a fatality on everyone that wronged me.  Then again part of my lethal delusions is living in the world of Mortal Kombat!


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