Baking Doughnuts Instead of Frying Them

Doughnuts are a tasty treat.  Unfortunately we are concerned about calories.  While we cannot reduce calories down to zero, however there is the tasty solution which I discovered.  I had discovered that J.Co Donuts bakes their doughnuts instead of frying them which provides a different taste.  I know fried doughnuts can be tasty but they can also be greasy (I use vegetable oil though) but still, when fat even from unsaturated ones still contribute to the calorie buildup.  The baked doughnuts do have this certain taste of baked bread in another way which I would really say would be like why I ended up broiling certain pork-based dishes.  Baking really reduces the use of oil and cholesterol... which can be good since doughnuts do require some vegetable oil and butter in the making process.  In fact, these come out to be pretty better than I had expected.  Also at the same time, it really become a more guilt-free treat than the usual routine of fried doughnuts.


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