Delicious Chili Con Carne...

Well I just had some delicious chili con carne last night.  It is made of ground beef (or you can use turkey as a substitute) and some cumin, saffron and chili powder and cooked in the frying pan but never fried which releases a very spicy smell.  It does take some delicate cooking process since something could go wrong that would make the ground beef/turkey lose its flavor when it's overcooked. So it has to be carefully cooked.  Meanwhile, I could prepare some tortilla chips or tortilla bread.  For sure, my favorite way of eating chili con carne would be to eat it wrapped in tortilla, having some nice lettuce and tomato slices going along with it.  The chili con carne of course has to be still warm and you can also add slices of cheese and jalapeno.  It really produces such a delicious taste to the mouth.  Yummy!


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