Some Delicious Beef and Chicken Kebab

Kebabs are pretty much a delicious treat for me.  It's another way of cooking barbeque except one uses Mediterranean spices in its marinade and it comes in different versions.  Yup, there are some strong spices involved as the origin can be traced to India and to the Middle East.  So far these are a popular treat in these non-Mediterranean countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia to name a few.  I had my thoughts that during my trip to Singapore around 16 years ago, I had a taste of satay and I want to return there to see how Singapore is doing.  Some people however don't like these because of the "strange taste" (which I love) like my ex-girlfriend who looks like Yuuri in Timeranger doesn't like it.  Also served with it sometimes is the delicious peanut sauce called satay (pronounced as sa-te).  The peanut sauce is usually spicy and the grilled kebabs are dipped in them for additional flavor to those who might think   For me, I usually want to eat it together with some turmeric fried rice (which I think many Indonesians love that) and some kebab bread.  Overall a very unique treat for one who loves intense flavors.


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