Wanting a "Pet Raccoon"... Not Really!

Okay I'm aware of the dangers of keeping real raccoons (because they are wild animals who can maul people and they are really rabid) and two, raccoons are only meant to be left at the wild not to be cuddled as pets or eaten for consumption.  However it doesn't mean I can't have a toy raccoon like I have a toy lion, a toy tiger, a toy rabbit or a teddy bear... now I want a toy raccoon.  Here's my ideal toy I want to purchase on my own...

I could probably order this cuddly toy raccoon representing Meeko from the Disney's version of Pocahontas from e-Bay.  Well of course raccoons are obviously very naughty and mischievous and this one has got the look of trouble in its face but fortunately it's just a toy.  So yeah, I can keep this raccoon without the dangers of breaking the law because it's not real.  Raccoons are meant to be kept in the wild or sanctuaries... now here's my wish to have this "pet raccoon".  Well this raccoon won't attack pets, won't do anything because it ain't a real raccoon so yeah, no pet raccoons but this one will make a fine "pet" not really more of another toy to collect.  But just have to keep this away from dogs before they kill it because while a real raccoon can kill your dog, a fake one would be a dog's chewtoy.  I do still have some toy dogs at home and the best part is, this raccoon won't kill any of my stuffed animals because he's only a stuffed animal.  Now only if those raccoon breeders will stop raising raccoons because they are too dangerous and I support the fact they should be illegal.  But not this cuddly raccoon because this ain't a real one.

Meanwhile there seems to be "raccoons disguised as humans among us" as evidenced by this picture...

Just a joke, it's just a human being! XD  But if somebody calls you a raccoon, you've been stealing food or being mischievous.


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