What Made Amy Jo Johnson's Hotness so Special?

Amy Jo Johnson, I guess every 90s fanboy might have found her extraordinarily gorgeous.  Now here's just my two cents and how this beauty "stood the test" for some time.

While watching MMPR I thought that Amy Jo Johnson had that "innocent look" type of beauty and it was all natural beauty as it is.  

Along with that "sweet innocent look" is accompanied by a smile that I think really made up my day.

Also and all that, you'll have to admit she was really sexy without those annoying boob implants, etc.  Just made me think that it was all a natural beauty and so "fresh faced" during the 90s.  I was just baffled though to think she got married quite late at the age of 38.

Well here's her and her husband, her beauty managed to endure the test of time for some time and she's already 38. XD  I just thought she got married late unable to choose from a lot of suitors she had but glad she's settled down now!


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