Apparently "Ka-Praningan" is What Many Pinoys Like

Apparently many Pinoys are proud of their bad values of being praning which means having an annoying sense of humor and loves to overact.  Just notice really how praning people can get so I guess it's only normal that many of them admire wrecking ball Miley or many others.  In fact, a lot of Pinoy programming are known for having all these to think about...

Yup you have to admit in the Philippines, the more praning people are, the more popular they tend to become.  Think about Kris Aquino and all her praning drama on TV or this...

In fact, it's pretty irritating to see people having the Wowowillie personality that is being praning to the max.  This guy is known to be very, very obnoxious and annoying.

And I guess it's very easy for many Pinoys to like most of American entertainment.  I don't hate American entertainment as a whole, I watch some American shows but my problem is that most of American TV programming is so filled with annoying people.  So maybe that's why Miley easily clicks to most Pinoys... besides as I've said I'd rather watch Power Rangers or Spongebob over Hannah Montana.


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