What Does It Mean to Call a Person a "Raccoon"?

Well there's been that calling a person a raccoon.  A mouse can mean a person is silent or plays when authorities are away.  Now for some real analysis of the raccoon...

Raccoons are portrayed to be mischievous creatures and are food thieves and can be real violent when agitated.  Well I did remember calling somebody a raccoon because she was not only quite short for her age, but also she was a food thief who ate my hamburger when I wasn't looking and two, she had a mischievous character who can get easily violent.

Kaoru Kamiya in Ruroui Kenshin is called a raccoon.  Well her character in Kenshin is that she is very temperamental in attitude like a raccoon easily mauls people that tease it.  Well Kaoru as a raccoon may also be because of those round eyes though she is relatively tall.

I guess I haven't figured out the answer to this yet.


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