Fax Machines... Why I Agree They're Obsolete!

I was pretty irritated with a business transaction that won't honor my email.  Really do these people realize the new age of computers is here?  I mean, printers aren't all that expensive anymore, computers are now more accessible and maybe I should mention this that fax machines are a hassle and you can only SEND ONE PAGE at a time while in email, you can compress them in ZIP or make a PDF document, send and then print.  I guess those people who still demand for fax are just too lazy to print it themselves or two, can't accept the fact that like the typewriter, fax machines are a huge hassle and are now a waste of efficiency.  In short, it's time to retire.

In my case another business was pretty competent that after I told them I didn't have a fax machine, they asked for my email.  Then we started emailing each other, printing each other's documents and scanning them.  If you ask me, the scanned documents was an easy one whole package while the fax is really such a hassle.  Still requiring fax machines is equivalent to not taking advantage of the accessibility of Wifi Internet and Personal Computers now that they are no longer expensive.  In fact, when I talked with another firm about the matter, they considered the matter ridiculous to still demand for fax when email has proven itself at a more effective way of getting a document.

Really I challenge people to fax me an entire thesis and see how easy it is.  I would definitely want anybody to take that challenge and let's see if they can do it!