Some Weird Aesthetics from the 70s-80s Tokusatsu and Anime

Here are some weird things I found from the 70s-80s Tokusatsu and anime...

In Gatchaman Fighter, we had the weirdest finishing move.  Ken the Eagle used the Gatcha Fencer on top of the Gatcha Spartan to do the finishing move!  Good thing that was never used in Chojin Sentai Jetman!

Mazinger Z had several weird enemies.  Duke Gorgon is probably the weirdest designed aside from Count Broken.

Breast missiles.  This was pretty silly in itself.

Robots that are vaguely humanoid.  Grand Birth in Sharivan's robot mode is totally funny!  At least it didn't have to fight against another giant robot but still, this is super funny!  This would be rejected by today's standards for mecha design!

Tit guns.  What in the world was this one thinking?


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