The Express Mail: Why the Fax Must Go!

As said, I am so annoyed with all these requests to fax important documents.  It really annoys me how that incompetent Sillybank always wants their requests faxed.  I can understand if they don't accept email instructions for confidential information but fax?  Really.  Have they ever realized that the fax is a very open way to get confidential information out?  I really say you want hard copy, get the express mail.  It's no wonder why Sillybank had failed its relationship with its customers because of how it treats its customers but also that annoying fax requests.  I mean, isn't an express mail enough to send secure instructions?!  Made me think that it's very, very annoying to get all that "please fax or we won't process it" type of talk.  I mean, why can't they receive the more secure express mail?  I mean, faxed documents will FADE AWAY because of thermal paper.  It really shows how incompetent Sillybank is.


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