A Challenge to Pinoy Pridists

To be honest, all that Pinoy pride isn't helping the Philippines!  I would stress out the whole challenge of Pinoy pride.  Yup, Pinoy pride is so annoying.  I just thought of the challenge for them to do:

They must find all the "pure blood" Filipinos.  That is, get them to gather together.  Chances are how many Filipinos today have foreign blood so they should recruit the natives huh?

They must reject anything made by Filipinos who aren't Filipino by blood as evil.  I do find it awkward and hypocritical at how some Pinoy pridists hate Filipino-Chinese but still eat at places like Jollibee and go malling at SM which are owned by Filipino-Chinese.  They should do their grocery in dirty markets instead.

They must all work together towards a "pure Filipino culture" and try to live like the native Filipinos before Spanish colonization and reject whatever barter trades foreigners made during that time.  That means start eating with banana leaves as plates or use leaves instead of toilet paper, say goodbye to indoor plumbing and electricity.  That of course, they're hypocritical because they are using stuff introduced by foreign culture.  Hmmm that means their protest signs must be written in the ancient Filipino alphabet and use native materials all the way.

Once this society only "pure blood" Filipinos is created, consider the fact that they must reject every foreign help and start their own society.  Let's see where it goes.


  1. And, like what I've been saying, make them wear bahag and every indigenous clothing pre-Hispanic period Filipinos wore. XD

    1. You are right. Let's see if they can get it right.


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