Stereotypical Differences Between Modern Chinese Girls and Modern American Women?

So far, with Chinese women undergoing the "balancing revolution" like them knowing their rights.  So I really thought about Chinese women and American women of today.  I guess there's much of the stereotype which can be as follows if this is really true based on this article on 12 differences between them which I want to take with a grain of salt.  Here's some I really consider and maybe what every Chinese male may want to consider:

1.) In the U.S. American woman call the husband women dear, it seems a lot of Chinese women call their husband damn.  Hmmm I wonder if this is true.

2.) Most American women don't delibrately want their men to be kind to them, Chinese women may actually seem to tell the men look at how well most American men treat their women.

3.) Most American women are grateful for men who are kind to them, most Chinese women treat it more as an obligation for men.

I don't know how true these really are since it's a matter of principle not race.=P


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