Just My Silly Side of My Stand on Power Rangers as a Super Sentai Fan

While I'm mostly a neutral about Power Rangers like a Gai Ikari/Gentaro type fan or sometimes I'm a Sentai/PR Fan and culturally speaking, Power Rangers ain't really my main cup of tea (but I don't hate it).  So far, I'll just state my rather silly side of my stand with Power Rangers.

Well I guess most people know my rather silly crush on Kimberly back as a child.  Which of course while I still liked Sentai more but I had a soft spot for Power Rangers because of her.  When she left, so did my interest on it.  If ever there were some PR girls that got me interested were Tori (but I like Nanami better in Sentai) or Kira but still... Kimberly had too much charm.

Meanwhile it's stupid as it sounds but I'm watching PR Megaforce for Ciara Hanna.  Ha ha, pretty stupid huh?  Yup while I really find PR Megaforce a huge mess but still, I'm watching it for Ciara Hanna.  But Rin Takanashi's still the bigger distraction with her "Kimberly charm".


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