Pamela Anderson Could Have Served the Mortal Woman Role Better in Interview with the Vampire

I was recalling the classic Anne Rice film "Interview with the Vampire", I really didn't pay too much attention to it.  The film was in 1994 and back then, Pam hasn't marred herself and just my thoughts on the scene played by Laure Marsac.  In 1994 she was in Raw Justice, still hot with this picture below...

Yup that was her in Raw Justice.  She still had that classic charm and from what I thought of her, she had the sweet childlike features that the directors were looking for when they cast Laure Marsac for the short role of the mortal woman on stage who gets sacrificed by a group of vampires.  In fact, it didn't matter if the mortal woman was French or not since most of the Parisian vampires were acted by American actors like Antonio Banderas (Armand) and Stephen Rea (Santiago).  If she did, it would have been a real show stealer.


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