Mayor Erap Estrada Probably Has More Brains Than President Nobita?!

I know it's been some time ever since Joseph Ejercito Estrada otherwise known as Erap or "Sherap" in the jokes has been a subject of ridicule.  But in due fairness despite him being called "utak lugaw" or he is the subject of jokes even after he resigned from presidency, I can commend him for one thing- APOLOGIZING to Hong Kong, one thing that President Nobita should have done!  Good news indeed was that Hong Kong had formally accepted Erap's apology ending the tensions between Philippines and Hong Kong!  Well all I can say is I commend him for what he did!  I hope this move can prove even idiots can improve if they work hard to self-improvement.


  1. Nobita is only lucky this time 'cuz he had someone else to vouch for him...

    At least another good thing Erap did is to actually make war with terrorists, the opposite of what our "beloved" president is doing, thus allowing them to retake one of their bases during the former's term...


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