Satirical News: Ampao Declared as National Food of the Philippines!

After President Nobita's penitensya where ampao was served, one might consider the whole start of ampao celebration day.  The House of Representatives has passed a law called ampao as the national food of the Philippines.  Ampao is a delicacy made from puffed rice with a sweet taste, a crunchy texture which is of Chinese influence.  It is also a famous Filipino delicacy and Cebu is the island that makes ampao.  Before President Nobita's penitensya, lots of ampao from Carcar were brought to Manila making ampao makers rich.

President Nobita then signed the ampao as national food law.  On an interview, President Nobita said, "There is no reason for us to disregard ampao as the national dish.  After all, we are proud of the ampao mentality.  Ampao after all has significance of the Chinese heritage of Filipino-Chinese and they are still part of the Filipino people."

However former Congressman Toady Casino was angered.  After all, he did submit his Pinoy Pride Project and ampao has Chinese influence.  The rally of Bobo Muna involved burning effigies of President Nobita eating ampao.  "Nobita has the blood of Pinoys on his hands!" said Toady Casino remembering the three drug mules Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa in the anti-ampao rally.


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