An Eye Opener: OFW Economy Can Ruin the Filipino Family!

Here is a video of the film "Anak" with subtitles for those who cannot understand Filipino.  The film itself has a more or less realistic picture of OFWs but fails to show why they are plenty or why the Philippines is poor.  Some OFWs are heroes, others are not.  But the film shows an honest to goodness OFW... and as said, there are always abusive employers who tend to dislike foreigners in general, not just Filipinos.

Looking at the scene above (which is close to the finale), here we can see how Carla (acted by Claudine Barretto) had literally wasted all the money sent by her mother for her.  At the same time, one can see the problem of foreign workers being estranged from their families.  Now only IF the stupid economic policies of the Philippines such as mandatory 60/40 and oligarchy will be removed, allow 100% ownership for foreign firms are approved, only if they get rid of mediocrity can situations like the one in the video be avoided.

It's time to get rid of the mentality that Filipinos over the world is a good thing, only if those Pinoy pridisits will just form their own country and leave the Philippines alone!


  1. "It's time to get rid of the mentality that Filipinos over the world is a good thing..." - What if that is all part of Operation Pinoy World Domination...?

    1. Well I want to see them try to take over the world with only indigenous weapons...


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