Satirical News: Wife Beats Up Husband for Spending Money on a VIP TIcket to President Nobita's SONA

The husband spent the 20,000 worth of money to pay for the VIP ticket to the next Nobita's SONA.  He was among those who lined up.  While he previously said that the money for their household expenses was stolen, later the wife found out that her husband spent the money for a VIP ticket to the Nobita's SONA.  Unfortunately the quarrel lasted all night and both husband and wife are locked up in jail.

During the whole interview, Pebbles Bato mentioned, "I don't know why my father is such a Nobitard.  All he does is think Nobita's carrying his mother Cory's policies are good.  To be honest, we are not blessed with 60/40... I mean look at the large migration of Filipinos."


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The Philippines is FULL of Yellow Journalism!