That Life After Breakup... and Remaining as Friends!

Sometimes I think why I used my ex-girlfriend and why that relationship had to end.  I did have some trouble getting her back as a teenager, I did get for for a short while but in the end, it was never meant to be at all.  I did give thought on the matter especially that I did pursue her.  After I got her for a short time, she realized that there was somebody my heart was not able to let go or so I thought.  She figured out that she was becoming a substitute, that I was using her and she had noticed some of my shenanigans.  And what were they?

So which was that on every birthday of my so-called first crush, I always made that excuse to go away.  She discovered that I was "yearning" for somebody else or so I thought.  Which of course I wanted to really or so I thought, get back to my so-called first crush.  I mean I never admitted I liked my first crush, only my so-called first crush.  And I began to think the moment I thought my former best friend "stole" her, which I believed he did.  And everything was just going awkward with that moment that my ex-girlfriend and me had to be honest.  I had to be honest with her and end that useless relationship.  But at least we remained friends even if the feeling is no longer there!


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