Why Blood Stained Singaporean is Hate Speech

Just in case people think I support everything Singaporean as good, I don't just like I don't consider everything Filipino as bad.  It's utterly foolish for whoever the unknown Singaporean writer is to generalize all Filipinos as bad just because of Flor Contemplacion or some nuisance workers.  There are some honest to goodness Filipinos in Singapore.  And if you think about the proposal of "segregating the Filipinos" it was NOT a government proposal.

I mean a Filipino can choose to have the Pinoy habits or not like being late and being inconsiderate.  It's up to a Filipino to be a victim card player like the members of the Nobita Liberated Party, to be ethnocentric like Bobo Muna or would they want to be the better.  I mean I would dare say there are also lazy Singaporeans as lazy people exist everywhere.  Problem is, in the Philippines more so or in other 3rd world countries, worse than the Philippines.

One may consider the whole hate speech of suggesting Singaporeans to mistreat Filipinos.  That would mean breaking the thrust of racial tolerance.  I mean Singapore is a city of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Filipino.  For one, a Singaporean-Filipino may be different from the Pinoy.  It's also very unfair to lump an honest to goodness Filipino with a Pinoy.  Some Filipinos are part of the necessary workforce as much as Indians, Malays and Chinese, so why remove a Filipino who is not a Pinoy?

On the other hand, I might just as well sit down and enjoy the battle of Pinoy pridists and Sungaporeans (a term I made for bad Singaporeans) battle each other out...


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