All Seasons Taiwan Bakeshop in JCentre Mall

If you are planning to drop by Cebu (but don't have enough money to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong) here's some interesting foreign investment.  Last 2012, a Taiwanese baker named Bon Hoi loved Cebu's business environment and started a business there (read here).

Having gone to Hong Kong and Taiwan, I was hoping that such bread can soon be available in the Philippines.  I went to this place to buy some of their bread and man I love it better than Bread Talk or French Baker (which I also love).  I just thought that Taiwanese bread is a marriage of East and West in its way since it also introduces other forms of bread that are not Taiwanese.

So much choices you have there huh?  Personally I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the money to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong.  It's affordable and pretty delicious.


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