The Slogan of Nobitacracy

The ultimate slogan of Nobitacracy is "Nobita Cares' which is in this meme.  Just really shows how stupid Nobitacrats really are.  After all, did they think of ALL the things that happened during the Nobita presidency such as:
  • Nobita's unwillingness to apologize for the foul up of the Pinoy National Patola at the Manila Hostage Crisis by Rolando Mendoza
  • Mediocre bunkhouses for typhoon victims BUT wellmade jails for the pigs in Pinoylitics
  • Prices of commodities increased and he says "Pwede Na Yan"
  • He does not care about the drainage of Imperial Manila and he keeps saying "Pwede Na Yan"

So really, Nobita cares?  That's WTF BS!  Sorry for the language!  But the picture above shows what the Nobita Presidency is...


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