Delicious Roast Duck Noodle Soup

Well I haven't eaten some duck in some time, I decided to finally try this "roast duck soup".  I was wondering how it will turn out.  I have tried some chicken noodles, beef noodles (my favorite) so I decided to try some duck noodles.  I was wondering how this soup will turn out to be and how it will taste.  After all, I am a fan of roast duck and duck soup after all.

What I got was some roast duck in my noodle soup, which the soup may have been made with the natural juice from the ducks.  The roast duck was there, still there which while the crunchy taste of the skin is gone, but it still has the delicious duck taste which I enjoyed while sinking my teeth into the delicious duck meat.  The duck remains chewy and not tender compared to beef noodles, it's more expensive but price is very much worth it.


  1. Oh, I remember eating something like this when I went to Singapore.


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