Pictures of Chinese Training Their Cops

Now only if the Pinoy National Patola will get THIS kind of training... hahahaha!  I'm pretty impressed with how these people are very well trained of people qualified to be cops!  Well I would suggest sending a Kung Fu master to shape everyone in the Pinoy National Patola!

Practicing martial arts:

These women in action WILL kick butt though I think they stand out better in strategizing since women usually have sharper minds!
And we have these men, unlike the PNP, learning their kung fu!

Now only if I can find a picture of the girls doing this too... Long Fist!

Not just limited to the field, they are taught to fight in dirty situations!

Building team spirit to destroy crab mentality!

Doraemar should join these guys!

In cold, muddy waters subjected to extreme circumstances to be trained in real team building spirit!

Wow that has got to be very hard!

Wow that's really amazing!

Building proper procedures 

Training their eyes to withstand water!

Learning proper posture!

Not even Doraemar Roxas is a match for them!

Learning their jumps: 

 Well it's better prepared than not isn't it?


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