My Thoughts on Biology Teacher Deng Yuanyuan in China

Well here's an interesting person known as Deng Yuanyuan.  I had read about her in Rocket News 24.  So what do I think about the person based on what I read?  I would like to share a few thoughts about her.  Here's what... she's one type of person that's very hard to find and one to bloom very rarely with this really hot science teacher.  

She's hot, hands down but what makes me think she's an interesting person?  So based on the article, she is very good at explaining things which prevents the class from ever sleeping.  That's not very easy to find in anyone.  For one, I would admit I am a writer but not a good speaker.  I tend to bore my classes when I teach (I was a part-time teacher myself) so I started to learn a few basic stuff.  Beauty is just a bonus... the fact she is beauty and brains makes a rare catch for a person.  

I will further try to update this post or write a related entry when I can!


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