Satirical News: B.S. Man Gets a Slight Cast Change After Press Conference!

After some painful decision making, Yutaka Hirose was finally cast as President Nobita Aquino/B.S. Man.  Yasuka Saito left the set thinking the whole project was a mess.  Instead, Yutaka Hirose finally steps in to become B.S. Man.

Yutaka Hirose when asked why he took the role of President Nobita said, "The Philippines has a child in a man's body for a President.  My character in Chojin Sentai Jetman was a child in an adult's body.  Tran accelerated himself to become Tranza.  Even if Tranza bested Radiguet, Maria and Gure he was at best a child in an adult's body.  That's why I took the role of President Nobita a.k.a. B.S. Man!"

Meanwhile, Kohei Murakami was recast as Bum Aquino, President Nobita's perverted cousin.  The expression was priceless.  Bum Aquino is described as the "Geeky guy who is addicted to Hentai."  Murakami felt like he would be able to carry out the role of Bum better than his initial casting as President Nobita.

Details for B.S. Man's updates are still waiting to be disclosed.


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