Satirical News: B.S. Man Press Conference Reveals Main Staff Involved!

The long awaited moment has come and B.S. Man finally has its staff rolling in.  Haim Saban and Yuusuke Okada held the fan event at the Tokyo Dome.  Both Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands have now agreed to dole out a budget which they got from Power Rangers.

Haim Saban said, "Working with Yuusuke Okada in a real joint production feels better.  I hope our new project will be a greater monster hit than Power Rangers ever will be!  Illusions will now be reality!"

Yuusuke Okada said, "Asia has Super Sentai, America has Power Rangers.  Both Asia and America will have B.S. Man as a parody show to watch!"

Below the are the list of staff that are now revealed for B.S. Man which its current registered name is "Toei's and Saban's B.S. Man":

Finally the production staff is confirmed.  Toei has sent Shinichiro Shirakura and Naomi Takebe to assist Jonathan Tzachor to become the production staff of B.S. Man.  Jonathan Tzachor had exlaimed he has enjoyed mostly their works and is glad to finally work with them.

Naomi Takebe exclaims, "How dare Pinoy Rider attack Kamen Rider OOO!  I will make sure that B.S. Man will be our ultimate retaliation!"

Jonathan Tzachor did exclaim this, "I would admit that the best Kamen Rider ever made was Kamen Rider OOO.  Now I can finally get to work with Naomi Takebe.  Plus, I would appreciate Shinichiro Shirakura for being the producer the Super Hero Taisen movies!  Those were the greatest Toku moments ever!"

The team of writers are also confirmed.  Judd Lynn will finally get the chance to work with Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi.  Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue are reunited in tandem as well.

During an interview, Judd Lynn has mentioned, "After all I was the head writer of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Time Force, both series that Yasuko Kobayashi was the head writer of their parental counterparts Gingaman and Timeranger which are two of my favorite Super Sentai series.  If Yasuko Kobayashi did any great work, it was Gingaman.  I would admit I also do like Kamen Rider OOO and I appreciate her lending a hand in this retaliation against the abomination known as Pinoy Rider!"

There was an agreed tandem writing which Toshiki Inoue and Judd Lynn were now drafting the first episode of B.S. Man.  Toshiki Inoue mentioned, "At this point, me and Judd Lynn have prepared to write in tandem for B.S. Man.  At the same time, we and Lynn have loved each other's finales.  He loves the finale I wrote for Jetman and he was angry he couldn't kill Eric Myers as planned."

Now for the revealed cast of B.S. Man which turns out to be a very imbalanced team and done on purpose:

Finally it's confirmed that Kohei Murakami will play the role of President Nobita Nobino, a character much older than his actor.  Nobita Nobino is the son of Benigno Nobino and Cory Nobino whose deaths he used to win the presidency... even if he is not fit to run for office and not to mention lazy.  Toshiki Inoue recommended him over to play as the incompetent president who is a huge douchebag.  When asked how he feels to act as President Nobita, he only replied, "Well acting out B.S. Man should be a challenge!  After all, just think of how I acted out as Masato Kusaka!  He definitely has to the be the worst president of the Philippines ever! Watch out, B.S. Man is coming to town!"

Satoshi Mastuda will play the role of Doraemar Roxas... President Nobita's sidekick.  He is the character who opens his "Fourth Dimension Pocket" to give the president his needed gadgets and solutions to solve administration problems.  Plus, he is not a very good adviser as he advised President Nobita to write the Anti-Cybercrime Law.  He also married a sensationalist reporter named Cornina whose actress is yet to be revealed.

Jun Yamasaki who played as Hojo Torou in Kamen Rider Agito will play the role of Senator Pink Lacson, a former head of police who was declared "innocent by President Nobita in spite of money laundering charges.  He is supposedly in charge of the Anti-Corruption Unit BUT he only hunts down anyone who dares defy President Nobita or to anybody his master holds a grudge against.  He is also the directionless rehabilitation czar.  Like Hojo in Kamen Rider Agito, he seeks to disassemble the G3 Senate Team (who will be acted by the same cast from Kamen Rider Agito who played the G3 Unit) which is determined to clean out corruption from the Nobita Administration the way it should be.  To counter the G3 Senate Unit, he dons the specialized PNP Swat Suit to show them who's boss!

Rene Naufahu play as Senator Money Villar, former rival of President Nobita who has decided to become part of the infamous music band called "No Direction".  He like Emperor Grumm is a money-grubbing person and dishonest politician.  He was involved in several ghost projects that never came to fruition.

Akiko Kurusu who played as Mazenda in Liveman and Gara in Dairanger, she has been chosen to play as Kill Henares, the corrupt revenue officer of the Philippines who has super sharp skills when it comes to firing a gun.  She has killer tax rates and she is fanatically loyal to the administration of President Nobita.  She says, "You must pay your taxes or else!"  She is frequently seen with her peacock fan to flaunt about how much money she has stolen from the Filipino people.

Atsuko Takahata plays as Stinky Soliman, the head of the social welfare and development of the Philippines.  She is a devious mastermind and manipulator but nonetheless loyal to President Nobita.  Like Maribaron in Kamen Rider Black RX, she enforces the president's will with feather darts!  She was also behind the idea to feed rotten relief goods to people under the umbrella of any enemy of President Nobita!

Barbara Goodson who acted as Rita Repulsa in later episodes of MMPR will act as Justice Secretary Liar Dilemma.  She has been responsible for covering up the DAP and PDAF.  She makes sure that President Nobita is the constitution!

Ayumi Beppu agreed to take part in the cast as President Nobita's sister Krisis Nobino.  Like Houka in Magiranger, Krisis is the type to be a flirt.  But unlike Houka, she goes after married men.  She has two children by different fathers... one by her former much older boyfriend who was a famous actor and the other, by her ex-husband who is ten years younger than she is.  Her firstborn Josh is an autistic while her second son Bumby is a child star.  She is also a popular TV host who dares to compare herself to Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey even when she is nothing like them.

Yasuka Saito will play as Bum Nobino, President Nobita's much younger cousin by 17 years.  He never met his dead uncle Benigno Nobino yet is a wannabe of that uncle of his.  While his late Uncle Benigno fought for reforms, he seeks to undo some reforms like allowing his incompetent cousin a second term for the presidency to push the Nobino-Cowacko Agenda.  He is also a perverted character who is an eloquent speaker who deceives idiots into voting for him and his allies.  His favorite leisure time involves watching JAV, Hentai and the like.

More cast members will soon be revealed!


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