Satirical News: Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands Form First Original Production Called "B.S. Man"

It's a bird, i't s a plane... NO IT'S B.S. MAN!!!!!!!
Believe it or not, Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands have agreed to form a parody series called "B.S. Man".  Toei Ltd. after hearing of the new Failipino superhero Pinoy Rider, they have decided to retaliate a mockery of epic proportions.  They have also gotten Haim Saban's assistance.  Certain directors, producers and writers from both Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands are requested to collaborate to create the parody series called "B.S. Man".

Yuusuke Okada the CEO of Toei Entertainment Ltd. had agreed to meet Haim Saban of Saban Brands at the pastry shop in Tokyo.  Haim Saban was last seen imitating Kougami from Kamen Rider OOO singing "Happy Birthday" where he purposely baked some chocolate cake that was not well-shaped to promote the new parody series called "B.S. Man" which they will get a Nobita-lookalike to play the role of President Nobita.

"To be honest, I find Pinoy Rider offensive!" said Yuusuke Okada.  Haim Saban admits that Saban's Masked Rider was a failure, a decision to why he decided to cancel Power Rider along with Toei.  Both sides agreed to make the comedy series called B.S. Man.  The plot is all about President Nobita's administration mixed with Tokusatsu style twists.  President Nobita is assisted by Doraemar who works for the labor customs, who uses a fourth dimension pocket like Doraemon does.  Nobita's allies are Pink, Money and Kill.  Pink is former chief of police turned Senator, Money is a former rival of Nobita during the last elections and Kill is the nonsense tax collector of the Philippines.

B.S. Man now has a team of writers and producers.  The producers are Naomi Takebe and Shinichiro Shirakura.  Saban on the other hand sends Jonathan Tzachor to collaborate.  The team of writers will be Judd Lynn and Toshiki Inoue.  Judd Lynn and Toshiki Inoue were last seen reviewing Akibaranger and Shogeki Gouraigan to give them an idea how B.S. Man should be written.  Yasuko Kobayashi also commented, "Well I hope I do get to write some of its episodes.  How dare they try to pit Kamen Rider OOO against that loser Pinoy Rider!  And now ABiaS-CBN wants us to air Pinoy Rider!  Over my dead body!  And if thise Failipinos get butthurt well... bad news for them, some decent Pinoys are supporting our project!"


  1. Sigurong talo na ang lahat ng mga entries sa Metro Manila Film Fest nito... XD


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