My Thoughts on Victoria Justice Shedding Her Nickelodeon Girl Image

Well Victoria Justice already graduated as a Nickelodeon girl and when I heard she will star in an adult series called "Eye Candy", I was thinking about everything I liked about her as a Nickelodeon girl.  I remembered her good looks, charm, natural acting... she really just deserved her big break.  Ont he other hand, it's nice to see her keep her natural charm as a person even if she's no longer a Nickelodeon girl.  She started off with Disney and later ended up with Nickelodeon.

Looking at this video, I really love how natural she is in this interview.  She talks about how she's gone from a Nickelodeon girl into acting in a more adult series.  I just love the idea of suspense, her character stuck in a dangerous maze... I hope she comes out victorious (pun intended).  I would admit she's pretty natural one way or another... and so what if Victorious Season 4 got cancelled?

On the other hand, what daring role will Victoria Justice do next?  I just can't wait!  


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