Rin Takanashi and Ciara Hanna: Blood and Horror After Wearing Spandex!

I just thought of the possible coincidence between the two hotties is... that after they did spandex with Super Sentai and Power Rangers, both of them would later do horror after spandex.

In Rin Takanashi's case, she starred in "Isn't Anyone Alive" and in the slasher film "Killers" where both her characters died.  In Killers, her death was pretty much off-screen which did leave a greater sadness considering that her younger brother is going to starve without her.

Meanwhile Ciara Hanna later starred in "Blood Lake" and in the gory horror/gore film "Pernicious".  She did survive in "Blood Lake".  I have yet to see "Pernicious" where Ciara Hanna goes to Thailand for a supernatural horror with lots of blood.


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