So Janet Hsu Of Sanrio Becomes Saban Brands' New CEO? My Thoughts!

So I read from the Tokusatsu News Network that Janet Hsu the former Chief Operating Officer of Sanrio Inc. has now become Saban Brands' new CEO and the first one at it.  So what's my thoughts on having her as a CEO for Saban Brands?

Looking way back in 2012 when she was with Sanrio, the brand soared so what if the effect can also take place with Saban Brands?  I hope so considering that Saban Brands didn't make such a good performance with Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce (which may have generated losses when Toei was asking for the royalties) - hopefully she will be able to revive the group to a better direction.

My thoughts would also be on how to really find the right network for Power Rangers, reviving the Power Rangers franchise and getting better writers.  I'm glad Judd Lynn is back but again, he like Yasuko Kobayashi or Toshiki Inoue can eventually burn out.  I feel she might actually try to get better writers and producers for the franchise.  She would also try to secure more intellectual property rights for the brands which I believe would still be from Japan which in turn may allow more Japanese companies to reach the United States and other parts of the West.


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