Me and Some Girl: Vegeta and Bulma Won't Work In Real Life!

Whenever I rewatch Dragon Ball Z in the later episodes, I always thought my favorite character was Vegeta for the reason well, I can relate to him.  I have my ego fragility, my desire to become better than anyone or that I am simply a temperamental man who always wants to be right all the time.  Now I always thought one of the craziest couples ever done in Dragon Ball Z has to be Vegeta x Bulma.  I'll admit I always compared myself to Vegeta especially with how I easily get jealous whenever somebody exceeds me or I'm as stubborn mule myself.... fortunately I am not that stubborn to authority but I would admit, like Vegeta I am prone to blowing up a tantrum whenever I am pricked.

I always thought nothing was funnier than the fact I found a girl like Bulma really attractive.  Like Bulma, she was unusually intelligent and attractive, almost everything I could want in a woman but she was just as high strung as I am.  When I think of my tendency to compare my life to fiction, I always thought one way or another, I'd have her if I had my Vegeta-ish temper and she was like Bulma.  The more I looked at it, the more I realized we were just incompatible because two high strung people won't make a good couple,  There has to be a complementary opposite towards everything right?

When you think about it two high strung people just don't make a good couple and that's why I also didn't end up with my ex-girlfriend.  While common interests are necessary between a man and a woman but there has to be a complementary opposite to work it out.  Just think, a high strung person needs a patient partner.  Unfortunately, in my case me and some girl who was like Bulma, I'll admit it was totally incompatible especially she was so high strung.  I couldn't imagine how it would be if me and her actually had a child, maybe I might go emo if we both had a child together... there comes little Trunks.  I'll just admit I'm glad that me and her never worked out or it might be a real disaster in real life right?


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