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Satirical News: Namco-Bandai Plans To Release Tekken 7: Philippine Edition!

Namco-Bandai's Katsuhiro Harada still hasn't gotten over the incident two years ago concerning an uproar against the character Josie Rizal, the first Filipino Tekken character. As part of the whole "retaliation", Harada reveals that Tekken 7 will have a Philippine Edition featuring new characters.

"I really hated the outrage against us when we announced Josie Rizal's creation. In retaliation, we have decided to create Tekken 7: Philippine Edition." said Harada.

The showcase revealed that Tekken 7: Philippine Edition will have the following exclusive content for Filipino players:
Bonus stages for Filipino players include Smoky Mountain, Tondo Slums and Broken MRT Area.New characters revealed for Filipino players are Palpakman, B.S. Man and B. Sibuyas are intended as joke characters.Bonus subplot in Story Mode will include Heihachi Mishima's frustration of not being able to open a Mishima Zaibatsu branch without a local Filipino partner no thanks to e…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For February 25, 2016

What can I say? She's really bloomed into a real pretty girl from the not all that attractive cute girl she was in Supah Ninjas. She really looks like a young Pamela Anderson here.

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Picture For February 23, 2016

It's a nice classical photo of a truly unique beauty...

Classic Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For February 20, 2016

Well classics are classics
She's really got a better figure than Mei in Zyuranger

Gotta love that smile of hers

Satirical News: Ed Boon Announces Kombat Pack 2: Philippine Edition For Mortal Kombat X

After the announcement that Mortal Kombat XL will be released and Kombat Pack 2 is available for those who previously bought the older version of the game, Ed Boon announced Kombat Pack 2. The first Kombat Pack will be integrated into Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition. Now for details (or sneak peek) of what is available in Mortal Kombat XL: Philippine Edition and Kombat Pack 2: Philippine Edition.

Bella Thorne Pictures For February 13, 2016

The lovely Bella Thorne to help warm up this February

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For February 13, 2016

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and she's one of the prettiest faces ever. 
Gotta love that stare

Young Pamela Anderson In A Cheongsam

Here's some classic photos of young Pamela Anderson in a cheongsam
Gotta love that figure

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For February 9, 2016

Well here she is standing out
She stands out too much from the crowd

It's The Year Of The Fire Monkey

This year is the year of the Fire Monkey so I just thought this year might also be the year of Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong's story was based on a monkey's quest for enlightenment, his misadventure at the Celestial Heavens, his conflict with the Elder Gods for supposed disobedience and how his quest to find the sutras allowed him to become a god in the Chinese pantheon.

I felt like that Sun Wukong should have been the main character instead of Shujinko in Mortal Kombat Deception. It could have been cooler if Onaga the Dragon King faced off against him instead of Shujinko. The Konquest Mode of Mortal Kombat Deception might have been better off with Sun Wukong finding the scrolls and the kamidogu, claiming it was going to help him reach Nirvana. Instead, it would allow the cruel Onaga to return and reclaim power. I would have probably wanted the monkey king to be the victor against Onaga during Deception.

In Eto Ranger, the monkey character is Monk. During Monk's time in the Jour…

Satirical News: Mar Roxas Attempts To Do Chinese Kung Fu!

As the Liberal Party was losing alternatives in getting Mar Roxas to the approval rating, President Nobita Aquino decided to let his presidential candidate do martial arts as Chinese New Year approaches. During that time, Roxas was last seen in a Chinese martial arts dojo where he wanted to demonstrate his supposed "super skills" to get the attention of the Tsinoy Community for votes.
During the Kung Fu exhibition, President Nobita announced Roxas as an amazing kung fu master. Roxas attempted to do an exhibit with nunchucks. While whirling his nunchucks, he ended up hurting his own head and fainted as a result. As of late, there has been no report to when he will awaken. He is currently unconscious at the Patrick Star Hospital. President Nobita was last seen with Roxas' wife Kornina Sanchez-Roxas awaiting for reports of his physical condition. All the doctors said that he is still in "nganga mode" with his eyes and mouth open in spite of being unconscious. He …

Picture Perfect With Gracie Dzienny

Well she was only 19 here but she's really blossomed than when she was only 15 in Supah Ninjas. She's looking like a naturally blonde version of a younger Pamela Anderson.
She really looks pretty here

Gotta love that smile!

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For February 2, 2016

Well here's some Rhian Ramos Howell pictures for today
So she's learned to do some lightsaber tricks