I've Been Sticking With Samsung Products Over Apple Products!

I always figured out that just because I could afford something doesn't mean I should buy it. Sure I could afford to pay for Apple's labor but it's pretty expensive. Then I started switching to the use of Samsung products from my laptop, smartphone and a tablet. Even if I'm sort of spendthrift (but not really) but I figured out that while I could afford Apple but I hate its labor cost. Pretty much, after I lost my i-Pod 5 I thought I'd go for Samsung over Apple. Oh not to mention, I use a Samsung refrigerator and my repair costs from Samsung give me extra money for pleasure spending.

Then again, not all my gadgets are Samsung products. I'm still using Japanese products, American products and European products based on their quality. I use Hewlett-Packard products for printing and scanning. I'm a Sony Playstation enthusiast having owned all three generations (and still waiting for better games for the fourth). I drive a Toyota Vios because it's very reliable for long use. In short, it's all about diversity in the long run.


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