Chopstick Mayhem!!!!

Chopsticks seem to be part of most Asian culture- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian... and well it's suddenly becoming a craze with Chinese people roaming around.  They started with the Shang Dynasty, didn't reach much popularity but after the end of imperialism in China and Japan, the culture slowly but surely ended up in places where Chinese men migrated and became part of a new country.  With Chinese people around the world (mostly Asia, America and Europe) the food became part of the country but they offered spoon and fork for the local residents who start to enjoy their food, then I wonder what went on that caused people to want to learn it?!  I guess it has to do with the fact that it has become "more fun" to eat some foods with chopsticks like noodles, sliced meat, some vegetable dishes, gluten, etc. or due to intermarriages too.  It can't be denied that intermarriages between whites and chopstick using orientals have become more common regardless whether it's the guy or the girl who is the white one.  In fact, some white men and women with oriental partners not only learn the language of the partner, but also to eat chopsticks.  And suddenly people may start eating pasta with chopsticks, start eating sotanghon with chopsticks, start eating ampalaya salad with chopsticks and so on... and perhaps chopsticks has reached beyond the Oriental context to non-Oriental context.