Does THIS PHOTO Look Suspicious?! It SURE DOES!!!

I have run across this rather creepy image of DJ Mo Twisted supposedly SMILING (take a look at it) in what looks like to be a very sly manner while doing the "confession video" where he was crying which was uploaded on Youtube for all to see... just plain STUPID!!!!  Heck, does he ever do research about abortion laws outside the country before he even threw that crazy accusation at his ex-girlfriend?  True it's old news but while he's supposedly "sad" like this.  Seriously, I'm not the only person around who's really pissed off at this guy.  I'm not siding with Rhian Ramos Howell because I'm attracted to her or anything but Mo Twister's other side of the story is just too suspicious and crazy to deal with.  All I can say is the wonders of slow motion but has anybody of my blog readers ever know much of how this is done?! I got to admit, reading Rhian Ramos Howell's Twitter account down to what external sources has to say (like Singapore abortion laws that even put the weight of his accusation to question) are there.

So I guess here's a message to him...

Here's a parody that's much heavier than just my ramblings!!!!  Thanks to whoever had the courage to do it!