Those Retarded Tokusatsu Fantard Wars

In the Tokusatsu community, we do have the existence of Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes, Super Sentai and in extension Power Rangers (with Toei's permission it exists!).  Now for the fan area wars which I find to be the most infamous:

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Kamen Rider vs. Super Sentai- The first fantard war is between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.  As said, Shotaro Ishinomori as the producer started the Kamen Rider series and then the Sentai series, Goranger and JAKQ.  Goranger and JAKQ were later acknowledged as part of Super Sentai by the time of Ohranger while in the Turboranger special, they weren't.  So why the debate?  Kamen Rider had a longer hiatus of not having another series after Black RX ended, well there were even intended ends to the franchise like Stronger was supposedly the end of the series.  In Super Sentai, there are far lesser gaps and it has 37 episodes.  Now the debate is whether or not single heroes work better than teams.  But I can say each one to his own.  I like both series though I took a temporary break from Kamen Rider because it didn't feel like it used to but seeing it as a J-Drama x Toku done well (Zaido is so retarded I can't count it as Toku but I won't write a hate fic, I don't like it so I don't talk about it!), I've resumed back to watching Kamen Rider after that hiatus.  As far as concerned, there are much different writing styles.  In my experience, Power Rangers fans who are open minded about Super Sentai tend to get close minded over Kamen Rider (maybe due to the poor reception of Saban's Mashed Rider).  Just a note, maybe Shoji Yonemura's (actually Patrick Star's writing LOL) disasterpiece Super Hero Taisen was meant to show how stupid fan wars can get but also became a very stupid movie.

Power Rangers vs. Super Sentai- This is another uselessly stupid debate which I have entered to quite a number of times and it's full of retards.  One Power Rangers is NOT fake as Toei allowed Saban and Disney to buy their footage.  Okay I'd say I really don't like Power Rangers that much, I like Super Sentai better even if Power Rangers is more well-known due to American influence to the point that Super Sentai can end up being called as "the original Power Rangers".  Reasons can be that shallow like "Power Rangers is better because it's American.", "Power Rangers sucks because it's American." or "Super Sentai rocks because most of the girls are hotter." kind of reasoning rather than say, "Well I like Power Rangers better because it's lighter and softer, Super Sentai's darker and edgier themes just don't appeal to me that's all." or "I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers because I like the more mature themes like Burai's death or more scary villains." kind of reasoning which is more mature.  In my case, Power Rangers for me has suffered a lot during the Zordon arc and the Kalish era, which is why my fandom of it is shaking but I can always still respect it like I respect the Ultraman franchise though I'm not updated on it anymore.  I don't care really much if you like Power Rangers or Super Sentai more, I like Super Sentai more but I do respect Power Rangers as a fan though I'm not really into it as much.  Mr. Smith is one unbiased reviewer on both Super Sentai and Power Rangers in PR Sentai Universe.  Also hate fics like Arnold's Gokaiger vs. Samurai or Spongebob 2019 where the Power Rangers Samurai serve as Spongebob's evil henchmen is very uncalled for as well causing more fantard wars.  But sadly, some Power Rangers fans are willingly ignorant whenever they say Power Rangers came first when logic will dictate that a lot of scenes are spliced footage.