Is Ciara Hanna the "New Amy Jo Johnson" for Power Rangers?

I was talking about my speculative view of evolution of fanboyism the other time which I had various Super Sentai girls and Ciara Hanna "compete" as the "new Amy Jo Johnson".  For me, I'll admit I have the guilty hots over Ciara Hanna, me and my unusual obsession with some Caucasian girls for some reason.  Moving on, I'll have this to talk about...

Back in the 90s, there was the appearance of the now producer Amy Jo Johnson.  Pretty much, I thinks she was in her 20s but she acted as a high school student in the premiere of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  In my own experience, my crush on her was a pretty stubborn one that I wanted somebody who slightly resembles her which was weird.  I had my thoughts on my sadness when she left MMPR, wanted her to return in Zeo but she never did... blah but I was pretty ignorant of contracts and the fact she left to pursue better careers.  Moving on, I'd say that while for me she was the apex of hotness over the Sentai chicks back then, none of the Power Rangers girls who succeeded her during her era were for me even a bit close to her.  I'd agree with Mr. Smith that I really do overrate her.  

I did think of the succeeding girls like Catherine Sutherland, Tracy Lynn Cruz, Sally Martin and Emma Lahana (who for me looked prettier during the Big Time Rush movie) but I just didn't really think they weren't really all that hot.  The next decade was with Sally Martin and Emma Lahana for my types but I wasn't really that into them.    For me most of the Power Rangers girls weren't really hot for me, in fact I'd say my opinion that most Super Sentai girls are hotter.

Well it's been some time or so.  I didn't think Brittany Pirtle was qualified to fit for the role though she does have some other rooms fit for her.  Then there's Megaforce which sadly I might also toss it out of the window soon enough but maybe not, heck I'm going to give Goseiger a chance too. Although Christina Masterson plays the pink ranger here (I'd say her character Emma a poor imitation of Kimberly Hart!), I thought she was pretty much not the one I'd consider the "new Amy Jo Johnson".  My choice is clearly Ciara Hanna even if she plays the yellow ranger.  

Wow!  Well beauty's in the eyes of the beholder again but I thought that after seeing Ciara Hanna even before the production of Megaforce, I found her to be a spellbinding one.  Some of her earlier promotion pictures were kind of hot, really hot that I'd say it's been some time since somebody that hot came to Power Rangers.  I can't really say she's the new Amy Jo Johnson, in fact I can't really make too much of a comparison but I'd have a hanging speculative yes to that. =P