Is Saban Brands on a Budget Cut?

I was reading from Henshin Grid with his speculation that Saban could be having a "budget cut" which COULD be true considering that Super Megaforce will have a drastic change and I think it's pretty stupid they are wearing the same type of clothes per episode as if they don't have any variation.  My speculation is that Saban might be trying to consider the fact he's got royalties to pay to Toei for every Super Sentai props and footage he rents or buys with permission.  Apparently, it's more of a "rental" than a purchase since Toei still holds the overall rights.  But what could be going on?  If Saban is thinking about minimizing expenses, has Toei charged him higher than before?  I can't really say since their contracts are pretty confidential, you just can't go ahead and read it.  But only time can tell if Saban is on another budget cut since it's been some time he handled Power Rangers.  Thoughts?