Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for the PS3

Well I guess it's time for me to review Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition komprehensively now I'll be writing everything Kombat-style in this review.  So this is the PS3 version, komplete edition to which you can already play with Freddie Kruger, Skarlet, Kenshin, Rain and Cyber Sub-Zero from the start (while the Story Mode still erroneously says you unlocked Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi when you achieved something. =P  So I'd like to give my komprehensive review.


The story is after Armageddon and it is an alternate dimension or perhaps a cycle of rebirth.  So everybody died in Armageddon, Raiden seeks to strike Shao Kahn at the past or is it?  It's more like a cycle of reincarnation later, the MK timeline was reborn and things re-occur differently.  Much has changed like for example, some characters who were supposed to be in MK2-3 were in the MK1 part, Sub-Zero becomes a cyborg instead of Smoke in his next life, Kung Lao got to fight Kintaro in the place of Liu Kang, Liu Kang meets Kitana earlier in his next life, etc. to which is komplicated.  So Raiden after being destroyed in Armageddon says, "He must win." reverting back to the past or maybe the cycle of rebirth, remembering everything and his next life to which he is the thunder god again got that message only to keep screwing up.  Really Raiden?  So he was a wise thunder god in his past life and a stupid one in the present?  I thought that he made one mistake after the other in the reborn continuity to prevent another Armageddon (or to prevent Armageddon).  Pretty much, the story has even reverted some stuff like Mileena was only awakened later compared to that in her past life where she and Kitana grew up together.  Play the story mode to find out how the events have been altered after the cycle of reincarnation continues.


Unlike the previous 3D Mortal Kombat games where they had the turning around in circles (MKDA, MK Deception and MK Armageddon), this game goes back the 2D plane to where the rather awful MK vs. DC failed.  What makes this game easier to access is that it actually has a semi-Tekken feel with its one button for each corresponding limb, easy to use kombos and even a beginner can learn faster.  Meanwhile there's much kontent to look up to in this game which can be found in the Krypt.  So you might as well start playing to start earning bonus items such as costumes.

So what do I think of the gameplay in fighting?  So with the fighting, it's very interesting to go with easier, accessible while going to deep gameplay like Tekken 6 does.  So you get the button for each limb learning to combo in with special moves, it creates such a sensation. The 2D plane makes it easier with a more focused kombat plus removing death traps makes the game a little more fun since it can extend the game a little bit.  For Kombat, I do like the Enhanced Moves to the super risky X-Ray Moves.  For X-Ray moves, I find them VERY violent but at the same time funny.  The X-Ray Move is when you're at a FULL METER and then you execute the move, you cause a brutal attack that causes a lot of internal damage that could have easily killed your opponent or severe damage yet even after some teeth fly off, ribs break, etc. they still survive and have a complete set of teeth?  Hmmm... while it's a cool feature but I would rather prefer an Ultra Combo similar to Killer Instinct instead.

I had a thought with fighting bosses they can get very annoying and challenging at the same time.  While it's fair enough that Shang Tsung CANNOT morph into anybody at will except his opponent (he has to do the soul steal move) the CPU Shang Tsung can morph giving the nostalgic feel of MK1-2 at the same time making him an annoying boss- feels nice to finish him after that!  For Kintaro/Goro my complaint is that why Kintaro's battle doesn't happen at Kahn's Arena instead.  For Shao Kahn while he is definitely easier than MK Trilogy Shao Kahn but he has that super duper annoying UNBLOCKABLE hammer that when hit, it gives him the chance to be ultra cheap.  I just thought I had my complaint is that I can't play as the bosses without a hack which is a downside for me.  Only if they made the boss characters not as cheap as they were in Armageddon.

There are various game modes aside from just the regular Arcade and Versus.  There's the new Tag Team that got Tekken Tag Tournament right which has versus mode and arcade mode.  Rather than beating only one to win, you need to beat the two opponents.  So think of it as Mortal Kombat Tag Tournament.  There's the Story Mode which is an interactive movie (sorry you CANNOT skip the cinematics which I think is bad, very bad) with various challenges.  For the Challenge Tower, it's 300 levels of fun though the final reward isn't all that big.  But still, it's fun to play the Challenge Tower to test your skills.  I am yet to komplete the challenge but I am waiting to complete them.

As far as concerned, I had my mixed feelings on some finishing moves.  It's nice to finally have the Living Forest fatality done as well (though I wish the stage had its classic MK2 design in 3D instead) as the Street fatality done but I was complaining about the removal of the Bell Tower stage fatality, no Armory Stage fatality and some fatalities I wanted to return like the MK II Pit in full 3D or the Pit 3 in full 3D.  For example, I wish Liu Kang had his immolation fatality in 3D compared to the Shaolin Fist or Kano had his skeleton pull in 3D (but that was done by Sub-Zero in MKDA).

For me, it's very worth replaying with all the challenges, krypts, etc. to keep you entertained for hours.  You can tell how I love this gameplay by the length of the section.  For me, I do still have an issue with the endings... it does go beyond what Killer Instinct's non-bring home endings had, it had a deeper storyline but I wish they followed Tekken's style like it was in MK4.  But oh well..


The graphics are so smooth, crisp and feels like a Tekken game.  I would say these graphics are pretty, pretty good.  I'd say the details are so well done as well as the damage inflicted on characters.


MK Komplete Edition has some of the best music ever.  Made me think every bit of it is well-komposed.  Good thing there's a VS Mode cheat to play the classic version of the music should you feel like it.  Everything is near done to near perfect.


I would say this is a game that will click to both MK and non-MK fans alike.