My Unhealthy Obsession with Hot White Girls

It's a strange fact for me but I tend to get obsessed with hot white girls but at a case to case basis.  Just my thoughts...

Undeniably I think it's hard to find somebody who didn't have a childhood crush on Pamela Anderson one way or another.  Hee hee, disappointing that she marred herself to the point of no recovery.  I hope my friend who looks like her doesn't do the same surgeries to herself.  In my case, I really wish I can marry that Pam look alike I know.

Another is that growing up years crush on Amy Jo Johnson that made me realize I was having conditional love for my first crush.  Ha ha ha.  As far as concerned, it does become a problem really especially when I initially disliked Americans in general in a very racist way.  In fact, I was pretty much desiring a woman who looks like either her or Pamela Anderson.  To be honest, I really overrate her as the hottest girl even hotter than the other PR and Sentai chicks. =P

Now there was Emma Roberts and Rhian Ramos Howell (half only).  I kind of thought that I wish I had either one of them.  Sheesh... it's only natural to desire what you can't have is it?  In fact, I had my crush on Emma Roberts during the time she was a teenager in Nancy Drew and Unfabulous and now she's bloomed, owwww.  Rhian Ramos Howell too is my crush.  In the middle of that came that Gracie Dzienny crush which was quickly overrode by my discovery of Japanese hottie Emi Takei.

As of late, I'd also include Ciara Hanna as of late.  Being a sucker to blonde beauties, I really think I might have Ciara Hanna as my favorite Henshin hottie or not... =P