My Thoughts on Ciara Hanna

So far, I haven't seen her outside Megaforce except a non-speaking role in i-Carly though it's delightful to know at 18 years old, she was in one episode of "America's Next Top Model" and she had acting experience in "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 19 episodes as a minor character named Summer to which I want to see her performance and she had one appearance in "The Protector" as Marci  Heller in the episode "Help" all before Power Rangers Megaforce which may explain why she can act quite well.  I can't really call her outstanding but she does her job as Gia kind of well compared to the rather "wooden" performances in Power Rangers Samurai.  For Power Rangers Megaforce, I think she really knows how to act though I can't consider it all outstanding but she can act. =)

Here was one of her earlier pictures I saw, she is really really hot.  Quite a different impression that I had with Brittany Pirtle who is more on the cute side (she and Suzuka Morita are on the same level for me).  But she is quite different.  I was really enamored by her appearance when I first saw and decided to give Megaforce a chance out of superficiality while still preferring Super Sentai over Power Rangers.

I really thought she has that charming smile if you ask me.  Her smile can really brighten up my day.

And here's another picture that really shows how hot she is.  It really made me think that it's been some time since Power Rangers had a chick this hot.  Most of the time, Super Sentai has hottier girls for me.  Meanwhile I thought of her as the new Amy Jo Johnson though I dubbed that title to Rin Takanashi before she arrived... oh wow hotness battle.

Here's a picture of her wet in the pool, no make up and she still looks really hot.  It's like she is the rising goddess of beauty Aphrodite from the waters.  In fact, I really have the temptation to consider her to be in a whole new level of hotness due to the fact I appreciate Western hotness a lot.  The first time I saw her pictures, she was pretty and with her natural beauty, she is even hotter.  Meanwhile I think it can be very hard to compare her to the other beauty Rin Takanashi who's also freaking hot.